The book we call the Bible is a story about God and humanity. It is a unified story that leads to Jesus. So often we jump around the story that we lose the context of the grand narrative. Imagine watching only half the Harry Potter movies and also out of order. You could probably get an idea of the main characters and what the main story is about, but you would miss a ton. Well, the Bible is even better than Harry Potter and we don't want to miss anything, so in 2021 we're starting in Genesis and we'll finish our journey in December in Revelation. We hope this page serves as a landing spot for our resources and a launching pad for us as we travel through the Bible in one year. It's a long story and a short time to get there. Let's go!


I hope you are as excited about reading through the Bible together as I am. Here is our video from Sunday announcing the plan for 2021. 

Reading Plan

Download our reading plan so you can follow along. Whether you are reading the FULL, LITE, or KIDS edition, they are all included on this PDF.

YouVersion Plan

Let your phone help you read the Bible and join with your friends as we read together.

Bible App For Kids

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Book Overviews For You

Sometimes the Bible can be overwhelming, especially when you don't know what's going on with the big picture. Before you dive into a book, we want to provide a reading guide to give you an overview of what you are about to read and important things to look for along the way. We will be releasing new reading guides as we get near a new book. Click the book below to download a reading guide.





Numbers(coming soon)

Deuteronomy(coming soon)









Listen in each week to a short message from a Bible scholar, a reading of a passage, and thoughtful questions that will foster personal growth and deeper understanding of Scripture.


The BEMA Podcast is a walk-through of the context of the Bible and the Text itself, as well as surrounding history.

BibleProject Podcast

The BibleProject podcast consists of deeper theological conversations between the founders, Tim and Jon, inviting you to explore the biblical theology behind each animated video and series we create.

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Message Related Resources

Want to dive deeper into our Sunday lesson. Here's the place we're dropping those resources.

Week 1 - Jan 3 - In The Beginning
Week 2 - Jan 10 - The God of Covenants
Week 3 - Jan 17 - The Life of Joseph
Week 4 - Jan 24 -
Week 5 - Jan 31
Week 6 - Feb 7
Week 7 - Feb 14
Week 8 - Feb 21